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Taraji Finally Tells That Why Her Family Was Murdered

“Empire” star, Taraji P. Henson, spoke in detail about how her ex-boyfriend/her son’s father was tragically murdered some years ago. After his death, she explained in a past interview, just how difficult it was for her as a single mother to her now 23 year old son and as a new actress at that time. See what Taraji revealed about this…


Details on How Taraji’s Son’s Father Was Violently Murdered

The late William LaMarr “Mark” Johnson (Taraji refers to him as Mark), is the father of their 23 year old son, Marcel Johnson. Taraji began dating Johnson when she was attending Howard University. “I had my one bad boy,” says Taraji. “That was my son’s father, my first love, and he’s not with us, God rest his soul.”

According to reports, on June 25, 2003 William (34) went to confront a husband and wife at their apartment regarding them allegedly slashing his friend’s tires. According to court docs, the husband started beating William Johnson over the head with a lamp, while his wife stabbed Johnson multiple times. The couple was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 30 months (for the wife) and 50 months (for the husband).

Via Star Magazine: “His dad was murdered when Marcell was 9,” Taraji says of her son. “He’s had to deal with life in a way that a lot of young kids haven’t yet.” And although she and Johnson were no longer together when he was killed, “we would sit and weep about it,” Taraji reveals. “Do I mourn for him? Absolutely. I wish my son had his dad. But sometimes things line up and they have to happen and we don’t know why.”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 23: Actress Taraji P. Henson (R) and son Marcel Henson attend the screening of ‘From The Rough’ at ArcLight Cinemas on April 23, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Taraji was pursuing her acting career at the time, but times were still hard for her as a struggling actress and single mother. She was on welfare and lived in a poorer section of town, where she often worried about being recognized (from her acting roles) by her neighbors. Now Taraji obviously found a way to keep her game face on, and just like “Cookie Lyon” Taraji P. pulled it together for the sake of her son and is now winning! Her journey didn’t come without extreme pain and struggles, but her story is inspiring and we tip our hat to Taraji for her resilience. It’s just like the old school saying goes ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’


Taraji’s Son Also On “Empire”

This is random, but worth mentioning. If Marcel Johnson looks familiar to any “Empire” fans out there, it’s because you’ve probably seen him on the show. He plays one of “Hakeem Lyon’s” homies, who’s oftentimes seen as part of the crew on the hit series. May his father rest peacefully.

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