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How to Make Shaving Cream Easter Eggs for Your Most Colorful Holiday Yet

shaving cream easter eggs

From simple boxed dye sets to the slightly more labor-intensive DIY natural pigments, decorating Easter eggs has long been a family tradition many of us look forward to year after year.

If you're looking for a new way to dye your eggs this coming Easter, why not try the kid-friendly and super affordable shaving cream method?

With an easy-to-source supply list, it's entirely possible you already have everything you need at home to tackle this fun holiday DIY.

And with results ranging from a gorgeous marbled effect to a hue-shifting full-color coverage depending on your technique, you're sure to have an Easter basket full of very unique eggs, no two just alike.

We used hard boiled eggs, and since the eggshells are porous and shaving cream isn't food-safe, we wouldn't advise eating them.

You can substitute whipped cream or Cool Whip for edible eggs, but your designs will not be quite as sharp (though the resulting soft-focus pattern is still very lovely).

You can also use the shaving cream method with wooden eggs or blown eggs that you can keep for years! Just remember to seal your creations with something like polyurethane so they will look just as lovely next Easter season.

What You'll Need:

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