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Most women today, especially moms, have a seemingly endless list of things to do.

Add to the mix a healthy dose of “mommy brain” (I’m not the only one, right?) and it’s easy to get sidetracked.

Leaving the house without makeup, forgetting to pick up conditioner, or realizing you’re a hot mess when you pass a mirror in Target are all par for the course.

Here are 25 beauty hacks that can help you pull yourself together during a beauty emergency. These tips include substituting everyday household items for your favorite products in a pinch, low-cost beauty solutions that really work, and quick fixes on the go.

1. Make mascara last longer with saline solution!

It's true, a few drops of regular old saline solution for contacts dropped into your getting-too-dry mascara will perk it right up, and have it applying like new!

2. Create a DIY heated eyelash curler!

All you need for this simple hack is your eyelash curler and a blowdryer. Turn the heat on that dryer, and warm up your curler for around 5 seconds. BAM! Glam lashes, in 5 seconds flat!

3. Fake a KILLER collarbone (and cleavage)!

Use your contour powder, and get to shading! Apply the darker powder to your collarbones (and any other spots you want to shadow-up, and pop more… ahem… cleavage, anyone?), and highlighter to catch the light. You'll have instant definition!

4. Get rid of face oil… with a toilet seat cover!

You know those paper seat covers you find in public restrooms? They are the BEST at grabbing all that face oil that may seep through your makeup! Grab one, fold it up, and blot away!

5. Get enviable eyebrows with a pencil!

Grab a pencil (pen, or whatever you have handy), and use that to help you decide HOW to sculpt your eyebrows! It takes the guesswork out, and will give you those perfectly on-trend, fashionista brows in a snap!

6 – No more frizz – ditch the towel, and grab a t-shirt!

If you get frizzy hair after the shower, keep those towels for the beach, and wrap your hair up in a t-shirt! The fabric won't pull, or break hair like towels can, it will gently absorb water, giving you luscious locks, every time!

7. Dirty hair? Bust out the baby powder!

We've all been there… mom life has taken over, and your hair has been in a top knot for a day… or two… okay, even three days. Have no fear, you don't need expensive dry shampoo to revive your style, a small handful of baby powder will do! Rub it in your roots, and brush it in, or use your fingers to tousle it around. VOILA! Perfect hair that smells like a baby's bum!

8. DIY venom lip gloss!

Grab your favorite gloss, and throw in a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix it around, and apply. BOOM. You'll have plumped lips, and fresh breath too. Score! 

9. Fake extra-pouty lips!

This one is super easy — grab a light colored, shimmery shadow, and pucker those lips! put the shadow right in the middle of that pout, for instantly poutier lips!

10. Prevent lipstick teeth!

No girl likes to check the mirror after a long day to see that their new lipstick worked its way all. over. her. teeth! Eww! Prevent it by applying your lipstick, then making a big pucker with those lips — put your finger in, pull it out, and any lipstick that would have snuck on those choppers is now on your finger instead!

11. Make DIY Fiber Mascara, on the cheap!

We've all seen the amazingness that is fiber mascara, but it costs an arm and a leg! Create your own, with this simple hack! Apply your mascara, and while it's still wet, put some baby powder on a q-tip and dab it on your lashes. Once it's dried, apply another coat of mascara, and it will cling to the powder. Instantly longer lashes!

So there you go!

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What are your favorite beauty hacks? Let us know below!


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