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Staci Felker Claims Miranda Lambert Keeps Obsessively Calling Her

Time for another update in everyone's favorite never-ending country music relationship drama!

Naturally, I'm referring to Miranda Lambert's relationship with Evan Felker, which continues to make headlines thanks to Evan's estranged wife Staci Felker implying that Miranda won't stop calling her obsessively in the middle of the night.

Wild right? And while Staci has no proof it's actually Miranda calling, she shared a screen grab of her call log with tons of missed calls from an unknown number, as well as one call from Caldwell, Idaho, that's crossed out.

"FYI, if you’re crazy and crazy famous, this is how your number comes up. Wife’s number doesn’t change," she captioned the pic. "Seems problematic. 10 times in one night #insecure #rightfullyso."

Us Weekly reported that in a follow-up post, Staci explained that the Idaho number is Evan: "The Idaho number is my husband. The other … is the person who is tired of him calling home."

For what it's worth, a source claims that Miranda's not the one making the calls.

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    Why is this news??

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