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Reba's New Song "Freedom" Is Everything We Needed To Hear

There's no other word for it — Reba McEntire's new single "Freedom" is a country banger. The inspiring, open-hearted love song is a signature song on her upcoming studio album Stronger Than the Truth. It's the one that's easiest to call autobiographical, but more importantly, it's one that's universal. 

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Reba McEntire, "Freedom" Lyrics:

I'm no stranger to the thick smoke of a bar and heart chained to a bottle of whiskey / And I've held strangers in my arms to pull apart the bars because I couldn't find a key / I searched high and low, been to hell and back / Been a prisoner to my soul, and all I know is that / The price of being free, it don't come cheap. 

That's why people fight for it, rise for it / Burn up the night for it / Cry for it, pine for it / Cross rivers wide for it / Once you've held the truth there's nothing you won't do / And when I look into your eyes I know why people die for it / Freedom / Loving you feels like freedom. 

You're the red, the white, the blue / The stars that cover the scars when we broke the shackles / And I've never been to war before but your boots there on the floor are proof that I've won the battle / And all you had to give to me / Was the gift of being free. 

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