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Reba McEntire Struggling To End Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson’s Feud

The country legend has had enough of their squabbling

Reba mcentire ending carrie underwood kelly clarkson feud

Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson both won their seasons of American Idol and have found tons of success in the music industry.

But the two singers have become rivals who apparently do not get along. Now, their friend Reba McEntire is trying to build a bridge between the two, ending their feud.

Reba mcentire ending carrie underwood kelly clarkson feud

Kelly won the first season on American Idol in 2002. Carrie won season four in 2005. 

The two stars have been locked in a secret competition for years. Carrie has seven Grammy Awards, Kelly only has two. Carrie has also had major success on the Billboard charts.

According to Star Magazine Carrie is envious of Kelly's coaching gig on The Voice.

Reba mcentire ending carrie underwood kelly clarkson feud


Clarkson launched her music career after she won the first season of American Idol in 2002, and Underwood shot to stardom after she won the fourth season in 2005, making her Idol's first country music champion.

The superstars exchanged tweets in April after a website asked readers to decide which one of them was the most iconic American Idol winner of all time, with Underwood noting that she wished "more publications would just celebrate women’s success without pitting them against each other."

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  • Keep up the goRebeccaod work President Trump don’t let no one stop you and let’s get Pelosi and Schumer out as soon as possible Harrison on

    I love them both and I wish them both happiness and friendship they are both beautiful strong independent singers no matter if their pop or country their artistry comes out in their music and their attitude I love them both and one is not better than the other thank you Kelly and Carrie and please stop this Angry feud between the two of you you both are better than that!!

  • Judy on

    I would call it a tie. Carrie does Country. Kelly does pop. Both are hugely successful. Both are very well liked & popular. I don’t think awards count do to the different music they sing. Look what Miley had to do to move to the top of her pop music. Show lots of skin, more sexual songs, Lots of x-rated moves. Kelly is Kelly. She has made her popularity without all of that but the other way gets awards. Country music doesn’t need that but Carrie seems to like her skimpy outfits. Kelly is so down to earth and I respect her very much.

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