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Miranda Lambert Reminisces About Her Years As A ‘Wife’ On New Pistol Annies Track

The new Pistol Annies album dropped on Nov. 2, and it includes a new song in which Miranda Lambert sings about things she was ‘blinded’ by during marriage. 

“He’d never cheat, he’d never lie, he’ll love me forever til the day that we die, he’ll never take me for granted, I said that too when I was his wife,” Miranda Lambert sings in the opening verse of her band, Pistol Annies’, new song, “When I Was His Wife.”

The song is about looking back on a failed marriage, with the women singing about those feelings of optimism you have before a relationship falls apart.

In the chorus, Miranda goes onto sing, “When you’re blinded by diamonds and driven by looks, Hon’ you can’t build a mansion with a piece of sawdust, Holy matrimony, best day of your life, I said that too when I was his wife.”

Of course, Miranda has only been married one time, to Blake Shelton, and it ended in divorce, so it certainly seems like this song could be a bit biographical.

Another previously-released track on the band’s new album called “Got My Named Changed Back,” is also speculated to be about the demise of Blake and Miranda’s romance. However, when the ladies released the track in September, band member Angaleena Presley claimed that it “has nothing to do with us and is about no one in this group.”

A likely story. Angaleena has also gone through a divorce in her past.

Pistol Annies released their third album, Interstate Gospel, on Nov. 2, five years after their last record. They went on hiatus from 2013 until earlier this year while Miranda and the group’s third member, Ashley Monroe, focused on their solo careers. Now, they’re back and better than ever!


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