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Carrie Underwood Looks As Beautiful As Ever Attending Family Wedding With Husband Mike Fisher

Ever since her scary fall in November of 2017, Carrie Underwood has been laying fairly low. After news broke that she’d fallen outside of her Nashville home, Carrie revealed she needed 40-50 stitches in her face and that she was worried about how she’d look afterward.

Months later, I think we can all attest that she looks as stunning as ever— and we love her even more for it. Carrie took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of herself with husband Mike Fisher, captioning it “Wedding weekend vibes.”

She shared another photo of her and Mike with some of his family members, showing off more of her gorgeous red floral maxi dress.

Carrie and Mike recently celebrated their 8th anniversary together. “Here’s to 8 years, babe,” Carrie said in a message to MIke. “Where does the time go?! I love you today more than yesterday…which was more than the day before…and so on and so forth. Here’s to many more years together!”


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