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Carrie Underwood Hopes to Meet Deaf Young Fan Who Signed 'The Champion'

Carrie Underwood is hoping to meet a young fan, Savannah, after watching a video of the 8-year-old signing to Underwood's hit single, "The Champion," which she co-wrote with Ludacris.


Savannah's father, Richard Dahan, reached out to Twitter with a request to retweet the video of his daughter, with the "The Champion" video on a big-screen TV in the background.

Thankfully, social media responded, and the video made its way to Underwood, who graciously seemed to welcome the idea of meeting her young fan.

"Savannah, you’re amazing! I’d love to meet you too!" Underwood wrote, along with a winking emoji, and the hashtag #CryPrettyTour360.

According to Dahan's Twitter profile, he lives in Frederick, Maryland, so he may have to travel a little bit for his daughter to meet the American Idol alum.

Underwood does not currently have any tour stops scheduled for Maryland, so his closest option might be Underwood's Oct. 4 concert, at Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Underwood is likely getting ready for her upcoming tour, which kicks off on May 1, after welcoming her second child, Jacob, in January.

And, like her previous Storyteller Tour, the Oklahoma native plans on staying as hands-on as possible with both Jacob and his big brother, 4-year-old Isaiah, even while on the road.

"It's just all gonna happen at once," Underwood told PopCulture at a recent media event. "I went on tour with Isaiah when he was 11 months old. He was right there when we had our first show. And it was really hard. Obviously, I have help when I'm out there. Somebody's gotta watch my kid when I'm out on stage.

"But I'm really bad at utilizing that, which I think is good too," she added. "Nobody ever got up with my kid in the middle of the night. That was me, and I'm proud of that."

"I would get off stage and not be tired, because of the lights and noise and whatever," Underwood recalled of her previous tour when Isaiah was a baby.

"Finally go to bed at 1:00, he's waking up at 3:00 or 4:00. And then I'm trying to wake up early, so I can get some sort of workout in, so I can try to take care of myself. And I was tired. It was hard. And it's gonna be really hard again."

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