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20 Unpopular "Gilmore Girls" Opinions That Every Fan Secretly Knows Are True

"Best Gilmore love interest is OBVIOUSLY that Yale guy who listens to The Smiths while doing laundry and then rejects Rory when she asks him out. Not all heroes wear capes."

1. April was actually one of the best curveballs of the whole show.

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"I liked the April plot line. It was great for Luke to get a chance to get to know his child. I hate that it caused a breakup but that was Anna and Lorelai's fault. Anna was clearly very jealous and Lor needed to be patient with Luke and give him some time to figure out how he was going to fit into April’s life."


2. Rory should've just accepted Logan's proposal.

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"Rory should have said yes in Season 7. I mean, she loves Logan and they would have a secure financial future. That was just stupid to say no!" —antisocial247

3. Lorelai and Rory's food habits just could not have been a real thing.

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"In fact, the show propagated the whole 'skinny chicks who order a lot of food thing and don't eat it' stereotype that's all over Hollywood."


4. The "close" relationship that Lorelai and Rory share is downright creepy.

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"You shouldn't be your child's best friend, ESPECIALLY during formative years like that. She needed more guidance, not a coffee date."


5. And Lorelai wasn't actually a great mom after all. In fact, she was downright terrible.

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"I used to love it, but now I can’t stand to watch it. Lorelai is not the awesome mom I thought she was 15 years ago."


6. In fact, Dean wasn't so hot either, even though he was supposed to be the romantic, devoted one.

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"Dean is just the worst ever. Sorry folks but he’s, like, horrible in every single way."


7. No one actually liked the Stars Hollow Musical.

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"The Stars Hollow Musical was a great waste of screen time that should've been used on LANE KIM, for God's sake!"


8. Lorelai was just an immature, overgrown kid.

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"Lorelai is such a spoiled brat! She acts like a complete child throughout the series and never seems to learn from her mistakes."


9. The real power couple should've been Rory and Paris.

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"Rory should have ended up with Paris. They ACTUALLY had chemistry."


10. Emily Gilmore was the best Gilmore Girl of them all.

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"Emily Gilmore is the heroine of this show. She is always doing what she believes is best for her family although sometimes misguided because, duh, she’s human. She is such a loving and supportive spouse and tries so hard to mend her relationship with her daughter, but because she isn’t exactly the kind of mother Lorelai wants her to be, she’s the villain. Also, her storyline was the only one that didn’t make me cringe in the revival."


11. Rory didn't have what it takes to be a journalist at all.

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"Mitchum was correct that Rory didn't have what it takes to succeed in writing. I think the fact that everyone from her family and Stars Hollow praised the ground she walked on made her someone who is totally incapable of dealing with criticism, which isn't terribly suitable for a career in journalism. Yes, Mitchum probably could have handled the situation better given that she was dating his son and all, but I think he was legitimately trying to offer his professional opinion."


12. The father of Rory's baby, teased in A Year In The Life, is probably the Wookie, not Logan.

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"Also, I think Rory's baby is more likely to be from the Wookie than Logan's. With the Wookie, it was in the heat of the moment and I think it's more likely she didn't use protection. Maybe something else happened – I know you can get pregnant even if you do use protection – but I still think everyone just hopes the baby is Logan's and it's actually the Wookie's baby."


13. Zach was the perfect guy and didn't deserve the hate he got.

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"I don't get the hate on Zach. He went above and beyond for Mrs. Kim to accept him. He didn't pressure Lane for sex. He is a good father and husband. I get Lane deserved to have a big life, but that doesn't always go as planned. Who's to say that her falling in love and having kids wouldn't be a big life for the character? It was a very realistic relationship with give and take."


14. The ending of the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, was actually perfect.

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"While I didn’t care for the revival itself, I loved the last four words. A lot of people were upset with the open ending but I thought it was perfect."


15. Mrs. Kim and Emily Gilmore were straight up abusive.

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"Mrs. Kim constantly shamed Lane for pretty much anything she did, and Emily was a gaslighter. I could not stand either of them."


16. Rory's first true love was Tristan. She just didn't know it.

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"Rory should have given Tristan a chance. He loved her, but didn't know how to show it in the best way. They could have been endgame!"


17. Paris Gellar is the LITERAL worst.

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"She's a complete stress-case that makes me crazy anxious any time I hear her voice."


18. Lorelai actually shouldn't have ended up with Luke OR Christopher.

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"Lorelai fit best with Max Medina."


19. Or she should've ended up with Jason (aka Digger).

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"Lorelai and Jason should’ve been the perfect couple, not her and Luke. Jason kept up with her pop culture references, got her weird relationship with her parents as he had weird family issues too, and understood her world. Justice for Jason!"


20. Because really, Luke and Lorelai were never meant to be.

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"TBH, I don’t think that Luke and Lorelai have all that much chemistry. The relationships she had with Christopher and Max had way more sparks."



Do you share any of these unpopular opinions?

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Source: Buzzfeed


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  • Opetteted on

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  • Daneda Jerred on

    I feel all this is wrong. Dean was Tory’s first love eich normally goes without saying bad. Jess and Rory no. Max and lorelai come on mother/teacher deal not a good idea for Rory. Chris and lorelai too much bad blood for him not being in rorys life growing up and like was. Luke brought lor our of her shell. I feel Rory said no to marring Logan was a good choice so she could focus on her career. Mrs. Kim was strict but most Asian mothers are. Emily held a grudge against lorelai for leaving and making her own life choices. The mother daughter bond was a good idea. My 12 yr old and 10 yr old know I m their best friend but I am also their mother. Lorelai has always tried to find her balance and finally did when Rory left adter collage.
    It was a ahow for a good time. My kids and I love it we see the mother daughter part of it all and get it.

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